Cacti Duo

First Post Ever

This is the original cacti duo that started my account. Thanks to my best friend I probably wouldn't be here today


About Myself

Born n' raised in the south within some mountains with my mama. I am a teenager, and obviously love art. Its been apart of my life sinse I was little. As time passed, lessons were learned ,and new ideas were made. I created a business to sell foam clay minis to the world. So enjoy my website, my Instagram/patreon, and my clays!

Pre- Crusade

When I was younger before this account/store was even in the picture I drew cactus's. This is one drawing from when I was between 10-12 yrs old I didn't date this but you can tell I was young and loved love. I didn't realize until I got older but love is so simple, and people don't love enough. That's why I try and give people a smile, or share something cute because sadly people don't get what they deserve.
Small facts about me that I feel I can express safely to the internet:

I like physical activities for example: boxing.

I want chickens. AND hear me out chickens are small, cute, provide breakfast, and they are an elite animal.

Cheese. Cheese is the best and my fave food, most adaptable food. Period. You can have have it with hot, cold, sweet, sour, spicy, or idk maybe deep fried pot pie.

Any questions about my future job I will disclose many years from now. when I am comfortable, and ok with that.

Fave animals? Aliens... It used to be cats and aliens but after you've seen a cat puke it changes you at a spiritual level. So aliens are now my favorite animal. New recent add is Salem the cat, and and lanky from monsters inc.
I also love big rings. I don't wear makeup, I don't like high heals, but big rings will do it for me. These are some of mine: Lapis lazuli ring, crusaders helmet, and a space looking one from plato's Closet.
My favorite flower is Wisteria. The wisteria flower has many different meanings to different people. With its lush, warm beauty, the plant represents love, fertility beauty, creativity, and long life. It can also symbolize things like patience and honor, too. Wisterias are native to China, Korea, and Japan but are widely cultivated in other regions for their attractive growth habit and beautiful profuse flowers.
I also draw sometimes... I didn't say it was good so don't judge me lol. I typically draw warriors, kinda outsider people, and bad azz characters. I also do funny doodles and alien creatures. Here are some of mine I have done and want to share :).
On another note I also love to do photo editing and video editing. Here are some examples of photo edits Ive done for fun.
Also I know how to make fake cuts and such like this. This has a stitched gash with my eyes, and mouth edited out. (not my best work but its worthy to share)
Oouuhh! What secrets lie below
So you kept scrolling and now your here.. well I might as well show you what I look like sinse you took the time to scroll that far. Thats me... yeah don't expect much because what I look like doesn't matter its all about my hands hehehe no not like in a wierd way but in an artistic way. Im also 15 so old creeps go away :).

Update: I opened my yt channel showing myself a bit more, but I will leave this message up just because... also lol why my hair so short like god dang.