My Creative Process & Notes

Kind of Clay

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Get the 36 pack trust me

Project Time

I can spend about 5 minutes to 3 hours depending on what is it, and if It goes smoothly.

My Name

I sat at my desk and over the course of three days trying to find a alliteration for Clay.

Photo Tips

Use natural light, or a light box.

Angles matter, shadows matter, study them closely. Take alot. Clean space. 


Don't copy and paste messages to people for a follow. FFAF works, and be active. Insta promos are only useful for likes


Be unique, don't be desperate, keep buiz and personal separate, good photos are key because it's the first thing people see besides your bio.


If you want more on Marketing, Photo tips, and Growth you can DM me on insta I am always happy to help


Stimulate your mind when your demotivated. Do some activity, or look at other artists and get some ideas. Remember why you started, and that you don't want to give up. You can fall down but YOU have to pick yourself up again. Also remember social media is horrible for the brain. It is based on popularity, and numbers. Its fake. It all is. The internet is a honeypot, but use it to YOUR advantage. It's ok to break down, its ok to fail sometimes, its ok to loose a couple followers, and its ok not to be successful in the beginning. 

Polymer Clay Vs. Foam Clay

Polymer clay-

Cons- Its heavy, super hard to mix colors, leaves a lot of oily fingerprints, ugly most of the time, and has to bake.

Pros- It exists, some people can use it, very good for details.

Foam Clay-

Cons- not the best for extreme details

Pros- light and fluffy, easy to mix colors, air dry, and easier for beginners.