Q Newsletter: Art Thieves

I do a quarterly newsletter telling about my projects and some stories, pictures and I will look into some future contests.

This is a review from a very popular artist friend of mine:
I just wanted to say, I got your newsletter. It looks awesome!! I can’t think of anything you could add just yet. I like that you put so much in it. Like the info, news, photos and everything. It was nice to read. I like that you’re able to show your personality through the way you wrote things too. That’s really great. Because I know that can be tough, especially for things like that (things to lots of people and such)

Do you want to be apart of this? Just dm me your email and I'll add you to the list. Its free, only quarterly, and if you want to unsubscribe you can at anytime.

Why am I doing this?
I'm tired of big corps bringing down my views and exposure because I don't feed into there greedy ways. I want younger people who don't have money be able to have an artist the look up to, and can have a slightly more personal connection because not a lot of kids (or adults) have like 10$ a month. Plus I have never been the person to ask of a lot, money wise. #smdbigcorps and ART RULES LOSERS smell the tire smoke because I'm leaving you behind in the DUST!! (slowly but surly of course)

Workshop Info:

Should last around 30 minutes
once a week
private 1 on 1
3$ USD

timing would be determined between the two of us
call over Skype

Message me on Instagram for further details of payment, timing, or any other questions :).

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